Emily Cecil


" Your unique, just like everybody else." "OMG your aunt is married to you uncle!" "rupert grint .... in the corner?" more of a song than a quote but... "I tap, you tap, we all tap for ETAP" - me and lizzie paris! "its never goodbye;its always goodnight" - jooocy "where's russia?" " the big one at the top" - hahaha lauren mcfarlene, on the phone to me filling out one of those maps MKIS ppl know wat i mean! "if you truely love something let it free.... if it dosn't come back hunt it down and kill it" - jackie "MAI MAI MAI" - me and han "I shut the shutters.... but i didn't not shut the window" "Chirs............ How big IS a big Mac??" "So many frescos" "the cult of A!" "FIRENZE" "if this cult continues..... A!" "we can always go to 24 - 7" "sarah! 7-11!!"

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