Eddie Hedges


•Carpe Diem •With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility- Uncle Ben •Mama always said that life was like a box of chocolates- Forrest Gump •Very Nice, how much-Borat •All i want is your tears Gypsy-Borat •Your mom •Alright gang today...........-Mr. Jones •I am not very impressed with you today Mr. Hedges-Mrs. Kile •I cant read half of this paper-Mrs. Kile •I'll do it later-Me •THE ASSIST-JOSVIZER •Get pwned - JOSVIZER •THE BRAIN-ME •NRB!!!-JOSVIZER •MLR-ME •Vicks are Dicks-Josh Hands •Sweet Action-Me •Are you an official? Cause you have officially given me a boner.- Chaz Michael Michaels •I know all- Carissa Rogers (She's full of SHIT) •Men are Pompous ASSES-Mrs. Viers (LOL) •Whatever-Hannah McCabe •Its gay.... But its Fun!!!- Paul Stewarnold •YUM this sandwich is cummin in my mouth- Paul Stewarnold •Most Computers have schools- Beau Ratzlaff •He's just a one man person- Braulio Hedges •If they don't score we will win- Mr. Lanning •It will be like taking cookies from a baby- Mr. Lanning •"Suck the balls"- Paul Stewart "I'm Sucking"- Beau Ratzlaff •"So... why don't you go play Shadow of the Colossus"- Me "Cause i'm saving it up"- Paul Stewart "For us?"- Me "Yeah"- Paul Stewart "Thats kinda gay but alright"- Me •"Fuck"- Me "?"-KP "Sorry I stubbed my toe on my keyboard"- Me "on your keyboard? lol way to be a champ"- KP •"We are goin to go see our girls"- FAG "Oh you mean your boys?"- Me •"Christian your family in germany is rich because your mom gives free blowjobs"- Marcel Nub-Shimaly •"All dem hos want in me out my dros"- ME •"I'm not a fag I'm gay"- Marcel Nub-Shimaly •"I will put so much RAPE on you..." Riley DARK •"RAPHESASS" Paul Stewart •"I put a tear on you" Beau Rat •"I am going to rape you so hard"-ME "If you rape me I will Counter Rape you even harder"- Riley Dark •"Ben... Are you dipping again" - ME "It's my life ok man, it's my life"-Ben •"If they've got hair fuck em" -Paul David Jensen

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