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‎"If you're unwilling to undress, Don't enter into the stream of Truth. Stay where you are." - Rumi «Caminha em frente ao sol sem receares a queimadela da felicidade e deixa a tua sombra lutar contra as trevas nas tuas costas.» //"Walk in front of the sun without fearing the scald of happiness and let your shadow fight against the darkness behind your back." (Li-Cam) "Se algum homem procura por grandeza, permita que ele esqueça a grandeza e pergunte pela verdade, e ele encontrará ambas. " // "If someone looks for the Greatness, allow him to forget the Greatness and to ask for the Truth and he will find both." (Horace) “Three passions, simple and deeply strong, have governed my life: the desire for love, the search for knowledge, and intolerable pity for the suffering of mankind. (…) Love and knowledge, as far as they were possible, led upward the heavens (…) and pity brought me back to Earth” Bertrand Russel "Nada é imutável, tudo flui, estamos em constante movimentação.// Nothing is unchangeable, everything flows, we are in constant movement" (Heráclito) Ninguém poderá jamais aperfeiçoar-se, se não tiver o mundo como mestre. A experiência se adquire na prática." //"Nobody will ever improve if doesn't have the world as Master "(William Shakespeare) "A religião do futuro será cósmica e transcenderá um Deus pessoal, evitando os dogmas e a teologia."// The future religiom will be cosmic and will transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology" (Albert Einstein) "Não esqueças nunca o gosto solitário do orvalho." (Matsuo Bashô) "Justamente hoje não me Preocupo" "Justamente hoje não me Aborreço" "Honro os meus Pais, Mestres e Idosos" "Ganho o meu pão diário Honestamente" "Demonstro Gratidão para com tudo." (Mikao Usiu) "Precisely today I do not Worry" "Precicely today I do not get angry" "I honor my Parents, Masters and Elderly" "I earn my food Honestly" "I show my Gratitude for everything" (Mikao Usui) "A sabedoria começa na reflexão" e "Só quem entende a beleza do perdão, pode julgar seus semelhantes."// The real wisdom begins with the meditation" and " Only the one who understands the beauty of Forgiveness is able to judge the others." (Sócrates) "Ensina só a amar, porque é isso que tu és"// Teach only how to love because it's what you are." (A Course in MIracles- Chapter 6- Lessons of Love) "O tempo é a imagem móvel da eternidade imóvel." e "A poesia está mais próxima da verdade vital do que a história."// Time is the moving image of the immovable eternity." and "Poetry is closer to the Living Truth than History" (Platão) "I may have faults, to live eagerly and get angry sometimes, but I do not forget that my life is the world's largest enterprise. And I can prevent it from going bankrupt. Being happy is to recognize that life is worth living despite all the challenges, misunderstandings and periods of crisis. Being happy is to stop being a victim of circumstance and become an author of history itself. It is to go through the deserts outside of yourself, but be able to find an oasis in a corner of own soul. It's to thank God every morning for the miracle of life. Being happy is not be afraid of feelings. It's to know how to talk about ownself. It is to have the courage to hear a 'no'. It's to be secure enough to take criticism, even unfair. Stones in the road? I keep them all, one day I'll build a castle ... " (Fernando Pessoa- humbly translated) Only time has got the answers within its wisdom. "Two roads diverged in a yellow road And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveller, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth (...)" Robert Frost When the river is deepest, it makes least noise... The journey to the heart is the shortest distance of all journeys, yet it takes us the longest time to arrive. So just hold me tight throughout the night and let our souls join together where no storm can touch us. "What keeps us alive and allows us to endure, I think it is the hope of loving and being loved." The winds, that sometimes take away from us something or someone we love, are the same which bring us something to learn how to love... Tha's why we should not cry because of what was taken from us but instead to learm how to love what was given to us. For everything that is really ours will never go away forever...

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