Dissa Krka


Explorer & Learner. Impulsive but pacifist. Contrast personality (Leo ascendant Cancer). My intuition never fulls me. Idealist. Creative. Optimist. Bold, straightforward and don't fear obstacles. Tied to my roots. Need heartwarming people around me. Grew up dreaming. Spiritual but not religious. High imagination. Conservative in some aspects. Always on the search of a loss paradise. Sometimes naive (working on it!). There is always something new to discover. Every person cares own Cosmos, wonderful to explore for the one with no prejudice. Optimism gives me wings, so does enthusiasm. Having a feeling that time goes so fast and I'm here to grab all chances. Tolerance is my gift. Energetic. Compelling nature, a strong control of myself and awakened sense of honor. True friend. Faithful to loved ones. Dreaming about epic adventures. In hard phases I close myself off the World. Lacking desire for novelty and improvisation. Blessed with excellent memory (watch out!). Always for liberation. Freedom is the queen of all given choices. Forbid me the thing and I will go for it. I fight my fights. Never forgetting and hardly forgiving. I can make it - I can brake it. Passionately love reading. When is hard, I write. Misjudged from time to time. Into plans. Trying to be fair. Ultimately non possessive. Good in mingling.Ambitious. Love sport. Social. . Generous. Strong sense of duty. Aesthetic. Can be diplomatic when my life depends on it. Sins against me are the worst. Love attention. Love my life. Love myself.

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