Drew Smith


This is clever... I taped it to my under boob! - Santana Imagine an ice cold dildo being thrown at your crotch! - me Beastiality is illegal!!! - me (Brit takes a bite out of some carrot cake) Ugh! It actually has a piece of carrot in it! - Brit That's how you make carrotcake haha - Courtney OH FUCK!!! WE GOT A BEAR!!! - Cop In Frazee Huh? Eat your baby... Wut's that mean? - Lisa's Friend GET OVER!!!! - me Careful she's cut a bitch... - Brit Were we supposed to wear cowboy boots... cuz i didn't bring any... - Brit Let's fuck Pattie Fay... (awkward pause) up - Brit SHHHHHH!!! - Josh's nieghbor Ello!!!! - me This is pretty skeffy... - M Your bosoms are ripe... I want to broil them... - Brit and Mrs. M Oh hott bosoms... - Mrs. M I'm down with life! - Caden Booty Booty Shake Shake - Me Don't Smell The Other One... It'll Smell Like Cock... - Brit I love this song... I get to have an accent! - Emmy Talk about a playboy b***h!!!! - Barbaraaaa!

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