Dominique Hobdy


"F dese Bannana Trees!!!" and " I will cut u up!!" -chance from I love new york I aint Never been to philidelphia!! -Random comic view comedian It's a grand hustle out here... -Me, and Raigan Da Fvck?? -Lexi No SERIOUSLY!!! -Me, lexi, kayla Cromed out 1100??? -Kayla, Me, Lexi Ok big T i c u wit da emblem jeans and bulldog hoodie -Kayla, Me, Lexi At the end of the day... -Jovonne Disco? Disco? -amber "U big as Sh!t girl..u needa be on da basketball team" Danielle "Cordoroys make ur butthole sweat Mrs.Powers" -sumbody in 6th prd "Office hours!!!" Mrs.Powers " We dont want no problems wit u Big T" -Da crew "I love da joint but..." -Tim "What goes on in da basement...stays in the basement" -People dat be over ediths house "OOOO dis get ur booty loose!!" -Lexi YEEEEAAAAHHHHH Dominique!!!! -Everybody, but created by Anthony and Danny Breathin on mah neck...bre-breathin on mah neck... -Isaiah inspired by Mrs.Powers Ay come to mah house and give me bop young... -Tim, talking to Mrs.Powers "I'm on mah grown man..." -Richard It smell like sum CABBAGE!!!!! -Random boy on the elevator to the 5th flo I will never cheat on you.. -Jojo (she always says that to tim) "It dont take a whole day to recognize sunshine" -Common "In darkness he is all I see" -Maroon 5 "Nigga Nigga...I jus wanna do your eyebrows..give me ur number" Derrick frm McDonalds talkin to Jovonne...he was 29 Do you kno u are beatiful???? I am Julio, ur latin lover...allow me to lick my lips (he then kisses my hand) -Mah man julio (jamaican accent) Easy like sunday two tre..ina RUSH!! -I dont even kno his name but he was cool "Unless you have a 504 plan you needa get yourself together" -Danielle/Kayla "Unless Mrs.Babcock is your official teacher..." -Kayla " You should be honored by my lateness, that I even showed up to this fake sh!t" ( I WANT a teacher to ask me why I'm late next jojo we too much) -kanye West "Girls from Montgomery County have a confidence about them which is extremely sexy; they know exactly what they want and how to get it." -Washington Post- "BACK UP...BACK UP!!!! You WILL GET DROPPED!!!" - Jojo had to put dis gurl in her place. Boy... what u look like???? -Dominique Hair growin on ur muthafvckin mustache n sh!t... -Lil nigga BETTA PICK A MINT UP UP!! -Dominique Da dup dup....da dup dup... -Justin Timberlake, jojo, and me Everything I'm not made me everything I am... -Kanye I'm goin on strike... -Rick i'm bouta boom cat.... -lexi, jojo Coolidge on the map!!! -Jojo ummm ok... -Dominique DONT DO IT!!! RECONSIDA!!!!! -Jojo and essentially everyone else at blake hs.... "Boy your breath smell like a can of shake dat ass" -LOL Dominique is soo funni Never argue with a fool cuz from a distance people cant tell the difference.- Jay-Z "We dont fight, we teach lessons"- Michael Sesay "Oguledo is da place to be" LOL -Chicka freestylin

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