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Todas las siguientes quotes son de Andrew VanWyngarden: "I just stared at my salad and it just didn't make any sense at all, like...what the hell is happening...why are there little pieces of plants on my plate..." "I don't think that you can be a hippie and have a Facebook page...I don't have a Facebook page, so I'm a hippie..." "This is Tom. We don't like Tom. We don't want him in our top friends anymore, lets put him in the cherry tomatoes." "Rest in peace Jimi Hendrix, rest in peace to all the motherfuckers who died, REST IN PEACE!" "Well, people that are stupid don't understand it, but, like...cool, smart people get how awesome it is"- Andrew sobre el artwork de Congratulations. "Are you my brother?"- Andrew a un chango. :) "I SAW THE SEA LIONS, I SAW THE SEA LIONS SWIMMING and one of them just...burped..." "My name is Andrew and my favorite animal is the praying mantis." "Even Big Bird gets sad sometimes." "Oh no, are you watching Brian?" "I thought you might describe me as puppies." "Bono, if you are listening right now...THIS IS WAR!" -How would you define your music, is indie, pop rock, modern, contemporary, hippie...? Andrew: Yeah, it's all that... in a bag of chips. "The things is, I usually sing with my eyes closed and every single time everyone is like “Did you see that girls boobs?!” and I’m like, “Nooo!" "Take that Katy Perry, you kissed a girl but we took acid and kissed the stars, and who's winning?'' "You can be psychedelic going to Mc Donald's" "I have the same birthday as George Washington... No, I don't. I don't even know who George Washington is" "I think it's really cool that there are so many bands here together and also people. There are a lot of cool bands that have signed my pants... as you can see... I wish you could all sign my pants!!!" "WE WANNA MAKE OUT WITH ALL OF YOU, WE WANNA MAKE OUT WITH ALL OF YOU OOOOOOOOHHH WE WANNA MAKE OUT WITH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLL OF YOU" ---------------------------------------------------- "My name is Matt and my favorite animal is the flowerssssssssss."- Matt Asti "The thing about animals is that we are all just a bunch of animals."- James Richardson "Any color under the rainbow is in style this season in the animal kingdom"- James Richardson "My hair is an untamable beast."- Victoria Legrand "Tu corazón sigue latiendo?"- Brandon Flowers. Noviembre 3, 2009. Arena Monterrey. "Dios, creo que soy atea." - Yo, Octubre 31 2:00 a.m en un momento de estrés causado por mi ensayo de Filo. "Distraction is an obstruction for the construction."- The Science of Sleep "Que me mataron, niña Wene."- Santiago Nasar. -------------------------------------------

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