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"In the name of Jesus, No weapon formed against me shall prosper, And every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn, For this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. Amen." - Isaiah 54:17 "He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man." - Samuel Johnson (English author (1709 - 1784)) "The man that hath no music n himself, nor isnt mov'd w/ concord of sweet sounds, is fit4 treasons, strategems n spoils" - Shakespear "Would you like to add another McRib for only a dollar?" "F*CKYEAHIDO!" - Me "I'm the man." - Me "Whatever you need to sleep at night." - Josh "Your.... mom?" - Me (Me talking to Jess): "I REALLY ENJOY THE FACT, THAT THE RANDOM PEOPLE WHO ADD ME ON FACEBOOK ACTUALLY THINK...THAT MY REAL NAME IS, IN FACT, EXPLOSION!" "RAWR!" - Me *Cling onto Jess* >.>..."Wtf are you doing?" - Jess "I'm a Kawossum!" - Me "I'm Dancing Like a monkey!" - Jess N Me "Don't touch my Edward Cullen hair. I worked hard to make it like this."- Me "All you did was get out of bed and put clothes on. Ohhh you worked so hard." - Jess "OOOOHHH! HE.BROUGHT.DOWN.THE.SUN!" - Cody "Black Guys ALWAYS Die First! " - Josh "Life is a Fairy Tale with me cast as the world's most unorthadox Prince Charming." Sam (Conan) from Heavy Metal & You "If you dont know what it is....DONT PUT IT N UR MOUTH!" - Zack xD "Oh Come'on, you know your my friend!" - Adam "Motherf*cker! Im not your f*cking friend b*tch!"- Josh lmfao "Snooch To The Nooch." - Me "Caffeine patch.....THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT!" - Zack "Doushebag/Hey doushebag." - Me and Zack "Thats SOO metal!/ BECAUSE ITS THE METAL THING TO DO!" - Me Dont put ur stippers in the cake b4 u bake it.- Zack "BETSY ROSS!" - Me "Don't You wish your marker was awesome-like- mine!?" - Me "I woke up this mornin...and its the worst day of my Life"- Me "BACON! NOSENUGGETS! APPLECAT!"- Me "Get To Work!"- Zack (@ welding) "HMPH!"- Zack and Me "IT'S NOT GODZILLA!"-Brady "YES IT IS!" -Me "NO IT IS NOT GODZILLA BECAUSE OF COPYRIGHT LAWS GODZILLA COPYRIGHT BUYOUTS WOULD BE ON THE INTERNET AND BESIDES GODZILLA HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE IN GODZILLA AND GODZILLA 2000 OR WHATEVER GODZILLA MOVIE THAT WAS IT IS NOT GODZILLA YOU ARE CRAZY IF YOU THINK IT'S GODZILLA IT IS NOT A GODZILLA MOVIE!"-Brady "Well what if he's tryin to say its NOT a Godzilla movie, so people go to see it, b/c no1 wants to see a Godzilla movie after that 1 w/ Matthew Brodreik!"-Me "I AM GOD! P.S., Kurt Kobain says hi."- Me lol WE FIGURED IT OUT! THE CLOVERFIELD MONSTER IS ACTUALLY THE GRAVEMIND FROM HALO AND BETH WAS CORTANA AND ROB WAS MASTER CHIEF! IT WAS A HALO MOVIE!"---Me and Brady "I hate math" - Me "Huh?" - Me "Wha-ja-booshie!" Me, Zack and Brady "I'm Gona Burn you!" - Zack and Me "DING FRIES ARE DONE!" - Me and D-Ray "If you can't Find a door...make ur own." - Edward Elrich (Full Metal Alchemist)

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