Dee Esparza


Me: we need to have another movie night and fuckin watch fast and the furious tokyo drift soo i can drool over that dude who i think is absolutly adorable in the movie Carolyn: hahaha or we could be normal and go out actually and see a movie , and just get all dressed up and look hot as shit so we get drooled over lol! DEE ON VICODIN: "I'M FEELIN GOOOOOOOD......! Caiti: Hey Gram, how bout next year for christmas we just go to ur house and order out chinese food? Grandma: " I'M DOWNNN!" "You know how the men always say they are the head of the household...? Well the Women are the neck and they can move the head anyway they want!" - My BIG Fat Greek Wedding! The Teacher of a an inner city grammer school: "...Psychology. What is it?" Kid in the back of the class: ooo ooo, It's when people go crazy... and u have to find out what's wrong with them before they get put in the looney bin." Criss Angel MINDFREAK: What doesn't kill u only makes u stronger. "Pain is weakness leaving the body."

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