Danilo Correia


O negócio é beijar na boca e ser feliz! You can’t see if you’re too close it’s happening again. the urge of leaving is taking over. but this time i can’t just pack a few things and go and never regret. it’s not because of her; she’ll be happy wherever i’m happy. and that will not happen here. too much of too little. i disagree of everything i see and hear and read. it’s just wrong and it makes me lose faith in people i already didn’t believe in. i’m a bit more tired everyday. i even bought an anti-wrinkle moisturizer too try not to look so tired. there must be something that connects me to this place. it has to be. but i can’t find out what. you can’t see if you’re too close. you can’t see if you’re in it. i have to go. i really desperately have to go. but right now i’m going to bed. the moisturizer works at night, when you’re asleep. unfortunately, so do i.

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