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"Have you studied swimmology?" "Am i a butterfly dreaming i am a man or a man dreaming i am a butterfly?" "Life is as serious as blowing bubbles" "Do or do not, there is no try" If you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right!" I have started writing a book of quotes called "The Modern Day Philosopher". They are all original quotes by me.Here is what i have so far: To judge a man by the thoughts in his head is as to judge the ocean by the fish that swim through it. Daniel Rowe – 01/12/2010 the secret is to not want something and wait for it to happen.. it's willing something and putting yourself in the position to receive it.. the universe will bring you the winds but you must hoist your sail Daniel Rowe – 01/15/2010 You can cry me a river or you can smile me a sunrise, your choice. Either way I am simply the observer of your existence. Daniel Rowe – 01/16/2010 A person is like a watch.. to look at it's face and see it. It seems a simple process and simple to know it's meaning. But look within and there are many little intricate processes all working together creating the simple processes we think we understand by seeing just the face. There’s much more to it than the outer face shows. Daniel Rowe – 01/30/2010 It is easier to change your own ideal and beliefs than to try and change those you see out there, in either people or circumstances. Daniel Rowe – 01/30/2010 Don’t take life too seriously, it’s just a game you will play whilst here. Daniel Rowe – 02/05/2010 If you don’t plan to walk the walk, it’s better to be silent than talk the talk. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 The mind is cunning, it learns with you on your path. It knows how to create the illusion of walking the righteous way when all you are really doing is standing still and day dreaming. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 It’s easy to say happiness is a choice when all is well but the choice truly is made when you’re surrounded by a self made hell. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 If you would not take business advice from a homeless man, why would you take advice from anyone who isn’t where their words show to lead you? Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 To truly be yourself you must squeeze yourself dry like a sponge of all the energies you have accepted as yours by others and what you are left with after all that is gone, is still just a fraction of what you truly are. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 An ignorant man will constantly speak of truth, a wise man will silently live it. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 I am not what I say I am. I just simply am. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 A true gesture from the heart is one that does not have to be spoken of later. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 Love Is, without a doubt. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 If you truly love someone you must be willing to step away from them if it is best for them. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 A person might fall in love with you for the things you say you are, but given enough time they will come to see what you actually are. Daniel Rowe – 02/10/2010 Some say the glass is half full, others say the glass is half empty. Truth is that the glass is always whole and complete just as yin/yang is not simply just yin or yang but two aspects of a whole. Daniel Rowe – 02/14/2010 Every moment of your life is a creative outlet, watch the way your body moves, you create that movement and can play with it like a sculptor with clay. Every breath you take is creative and creation in itself. See this and understand this and you will find that you are a divine artist of creation at all times in your life and beyond. Daniel Rowe – 02/14/2010 Something inside or seemingly outside of you may inspire you but only you can then place that spirit into action. Daniel Rowe – 02/14/2010 You can judge a person by their history or simply know them as they are today. This includes yourself. Daniel Rowe – 02/14/2010 As you can not be in your past or your future how can you be a human BE-ing unless you are being right now? Daniel Rowe – 02/14/2010 If your ship may have sailed, it does not mean you have missed out. It simply means you were not supposed to be on it. The divine always runs perfectly on time. Daniel Rowe – 02/14/2010 Some events may lead us into confusion but this is simply our minds trying to understand the divine will that cannot be understood. So simply watch what occurs and understand that all events bar none are in their correct time and place. There is no need to figure them out. Stay sane, just watch. Daniel Rowe – 02/14/2010 We cannot simply be observers of life. If that were so we would be an audience without a show Daniel Rowe – 02/16/2010 Some of the hardest lessons in life come from mistaking your head choices for heart made choices. Daniel Rowe – 02/16/2010 We live in a world that capitalizes on emotion. Money made from fear, cash made from false love. When are your happiest memories though? Buying something? Or spending something else then money on other than material items? Daniel Rowe – 02/16/2010 People are genuinely nicer than you think, have more love than you imagine. We have just been taught that strangers are strange, they’re are not strangers they are human beings just as you and I. Go be human with them. Daniel Rowe – 02/16/2010 Do not compare what you feel inside of you to what others project outside of them. You do not know their inner workings, a person you may see with it all together may be planning to end their lives or a “house less man” may feel more free than the richest man in the world. You don’t know. Remember, Ghandi slept on a straw mat, owned nothing and was at peace. Just focus on how you feel inside and work from there. Daniel Rowe – 02/16/2010 Simply your presence changes the world we live in. Daniel Rowe – 02/16/2010 Something to live by: Life is as serious as blowing bubbles.* Daniel Rowe – 02/17/2010 Say to yourself every day I am not special, I am a part of this tapestry and you will see the beauty and balance of your life return. Daniel Rowe – 02/19/2010 We are like ice cubes in the ocean we may seem separate from universe around us but one day all of us will melt back into the water we always were. Daniel Rowe – 02/25/2010 Time is a myth, Life as we know it a mere illusion. Daniel Rowe – 02/25/2010 If you were to leave no stone unturned, you would never look up to see the sky. Daniel Rowe – 02/27/2010 Life is often experienced as a seesaw, But what if you merely sat at lifes centre and observed the ups and downs without becoming the ups and downs? Daniel Rowe – 03/01/2010 Many of us have possessions, the thing is. We do not possess anything. All we own are things that possess us. To explain, If you were to throw away everything you owned, would it bother you? Would it bother the things? We tie ourselves to items that are never ours they simply serve a purpose. Daniel Rowe – 03/01/2010 Without time, there is no space. Without space time is useless. Daniel Rowe -03/04/2010 Every movement of life is god expressing him/herself. We are expressions of god. When you see nature at work even in the bustle of the concrete city, you have seen that we are not separate to nature, we are nature. Daniel Rowe 03/06/2010 Together, Forever we are stronger as one. You are sustained by the love of your creator Daniel Rowe 03/07/2010 When you align yourself with the thoughts of the universal love or god he/she/it will speak to you in every way purely saying the three what we all wish to hear. I love you, I am always here. We are always ONE. Daniel Rowe 03/07/2010 Life is for giving yes but sometimes we must give another the gift of “the opportunity to give”. Give also to yourself what you wish in pure love to give to another. Give to another which you wish another to give to you. Daniel Rowe 03/07/2010 Giving is like breathing, if you were to just exhale and give your breath to the world you would perish without letting the world also return a gift of breath to you. Daniel Rowe 03/07/2010 A person ALWAYS receives what they ask for, it is simply which voice speaks the loudest and most often. Your mind often has old agreements which are stronger than your current wishes. This creates what you asked for back then to come to you still today. Look inside and wipe clean so you may ask again, for the new. Daniel Rowe 03/11/2010 To define yourself in a nutshell will never allow the nut to break free of it’s enclosure and become the forest it was made to be. The less walls and illusions of definition you create for yourself the vaster your being becomes. Daniel Rowe 03/11/2010 When an ant finally sees he is climbing an elephant he will realize just how big life can be. Daniel Rowe 03/15/2010 On one level is is only NOW, the past and the future have no effect and the choices are made now. But, this Now is an ever evolving now that has had past evolutions so on another level past present and future all exist too. This is the physical time/space we see. No matter your view remember this, there are many truths and many levels of truth. Daniel Rowe 03/31/2010 Take for one day “me, my, mine, I” out of your vocabulary. See how it is to live as one with all and do not Identify with I. Daniel Rowe 03/31/2010 When speaking to another divine being, respect the level they are in. Remember at all times, no matter what or who they or yourself think you are, you are divine beings. Remember this when in conflict with another, see past their thoughts into their soul as a child of god simply playing a character. Be gracious as you are seeing such a wonderful actor in your sights. Daniel Rowe 03/31/2010 There are some questions in life that can prove more powerful then any answer possible. Daniel Rowe 04/02/2010 Many people believe they must “do” something great to be great. The reality is you are greater than your wildest dreams even in you most humbling of times. Daniel Rowe 25/04/2010 Everything and Everyone is by nature, spiritual. It is as saying no matter how much a cow may bark like a dog it is still a cow. No matter how much a person may act, speak and think in a non spiritual way. They are divine spiritual beings. See each person who acts without compassion like a cow barking like a dog. It’s funny, isn’t it? They will always be the Holy Cow. Daniel Rowe 29/04/2010 Every moment of your life you are teaching, when ever you interact with another you are preaching. Think very carefully about this but be gentle with yourself at all times, what would you choose to teach and preach? Be it love always? Or be it pain and suffering?... here’s a hint… choose love. Daniel Rowe 29/04/2010 Humor is our way of touching on the truth of life. It’s when we give in to vibrant bellowing laughter that we feel our Godness. Be what God intended you to be, Laugh! Daniel Rowe 29/04/2010 You are initially not in control of your thoughts, this is true. You are though, the caregiver. If you give your energy, awareness and support to thoughts of anger, jealousy and grief they will become stronger and bountiful in numbers. If you give those thoughts nothing but a detached acknowledgment They will cease without their source of sustenance. Thoughts are as everything in this world. Only through your divine creative energy and awareness can they stay in existence. Without this, all would cease to exist. This is how you discipline your mind and control your thoughts. Decide which thoughts to nourish and which to dismiss. Feed thoughts of love, peace and happiness with your divine awareness and they will prosper, multiply and unite into a lifestyle. Daniel Rowe 02/05/2010 The tales of witches and wizards that could create and manipulate through spoken word or “incarnations” isn’t as far from the truth as you may think. Your spoken word energetically vibrates with a frequency that is projected into the world never ceasing as energy never does. It flows out and collects with other vibrations of the same frequency until it’s mass becomes so dense it seeks to manifest into form. In this way every word you speak designs the universe we live in. Speak constant words of peace and you will notice the difference within yourself. Do this, experience this and hold the knowledge that the peace you are feeling within from this exercise is also spreading itself throughout the universe and with enough power will reshape the universe into peace. Daniel Rowe 02/05/2010 Be cautious of your thoughts and beliefs of other people as your thoughts and beliefs help shape the world in which you live, and can effect others realities also. If you see a person as a victim that may be effecting their existence and experience. See them and believe them to be free and pure and that will also effect their existence. We are all One, remember this and you will understand my words. Daniel Rowe 02/05/2010 When you feel yourself pulling back from giving to another person or human being for what ever reason, turn it around and give more than expected. Overflow with giving from the heart. The universe doesn’t hold back when it gives. When it rains, it pours and this can mean love too. Daniel Rowe 11/05/2010 In this world we can forget where our heart lies, forget that we are alive. When we forget where our home is, but a familiar voice, a lullaby sung by a loved one can unravel the universe and lay it’s glory in your heart. Sing, you never know whose heart you’ll open. Also, remember Smile. Daniel Rowe 11/05/2010 Your actions design your boundaries Daniel Rowe 24/05/2010 Your words design your boundaries Daniel Rowe 09/06/2010 Your thoughts design your boundaries Daniel Rowe 09/06/2010 Only you design your boundaries Daniel Rowe 09/06/2010 Life is as abundant as the air you breathe, no exceptions. Daniel Rowe 09/06/2010 Confidence is will achieve your hearts desires; inadequacy is only a myth and can never be your truth. Daniel Rowe 09/06/2010 Life may not be easy, but it can be very simple Daniel Rowe 09/06/2010 Our existence is very similar to water mixed with salt, the salt seems to disappear and they seem to become one liquid although the salt will never be water but can use it to move around and the water can utilize the salt for its purposes. The same happens with spirit and body, we see salty water (A body animated) and think it is one existence when really it is 1. The body and 2. The animate. The Animate is you. That is God, it is the life force energy of this world and all others. Daniel Rowe 09/06/2010 To say “ I have read the bible, so that is enough” Or to say everything I need to know is written in one of the ancient books is also to saying I have thought once of love so I now live love. It is possible to learn all you need from one book or even one sentence that brings you to the right mind. For me that one line is a quote by Buddha and it simply reads “Meditate, Live Purely, Be Quiet, Do your work, With Mastery” Now I can read that quote over and over again and live by it gaining much wisdom but just as the many flowers a garden offers, many different aspects of love or of spiritual awakening can be found in momentous accounts of books and scriptures from all ages. All pointing towards truth. All giving you that same message of love, compassion but if you see it and soak it In, in all it’s forms… one day it will seep through and touch your soul to open the gates of your heart and you will awaken to what you always have been. So, either think the thought once “I am Love” or think, learn and experience every possible manifestation of love you can find, soak it all up, enjoy all of loves faces and become immersed in the knowledge of love. Daniel Rowe 09/06/2010 I always thought that meditation and spiritual practices would explode my mind into a new world. It didn’t, what it did do was make me truly happy. For that I am grateful as I receive that gift. Daniel Rowe 17/07/2010. “If you are unhappy with the answers you are receiving, ask different questions” Daniel Rowe 05/08/10 When it comes to actions, people fear that they will regret when in the end all we regret is what we feared Daniel Rowe 16/18/2010 Not the mind, nor our soul or even our body, can truly separate you from the vast universe of which you are a part of Daniel Rowe 16/18/2010 The universe is not a mechanical thing, void of life but an interconnected lively expression of who you are. Daniel Rowe 16/18/2010 If you believe that you can outsmart nature, tell me this: How does a seed know how to become a tree? There is intelligence in even the grain of sand. Look long enough and you will see the vastness of life. Daniel Rowe 16/18/2010 We see what we believe, if you believe in angels, you will see them, if demons are your choice of manifestation be assured you will encounter them. Daniel Rowe 16/8/2010 Money is not Good, nor Bad. The intention is always the outcome. Daniel Rowe 16/8/2010 If you want to have wealth, learn to experience being wealthy without money. The irony is money flows to those who see themselves as rich and leaves those who see themselves as poor. See yourself now where you want to be and feel the shift. Daniel Rowe 16/8/2010 Many people these days want to retire young but that does not say you are going to be happy if you stop work today. The happiness lies in those who take passion in their work. Daniel Rowe 16/8/2010 Ever wondered why the highest death rate occurs within 6 months of retiring but many centenarians work till the day they die? It is all about a sense of purpose. Find yours and live it. Daniel Rowe 16/8/2010 You are not your job. When you introduce yourself, stop saying hi my name is …. , I’m a doctor/lawyer/carpenter/janitor. You are an expression of the universe. If we want to label ourselves by our actions then the most accurate definition of ourselves by action would be to call ourselves breathers. You breathe, you take from the universe the gift of life and you share it again with the world. Daniel Rowe 16/8/2010 A ghost is not always necessarily something from an alien dimension or from across the grave. A ghost can be a loved one you have not seen in a while in the face of a stranger. A memory of times past that holds more of your attention if only for a split second more than the actual world you live in right now. Ghosts can be thoughts or memories, distracting you and distorting your awareness of what is. Don’t live in the past, it is the land of the dead. Nothing from the past exists anymore, the only thing that is, is now. Daniel Rowe 21/8/2010 Many people say think big, think big, but I think it’s the smaller you look the happier life becomes because everything big is made from many tiny little things. When you start to see the beauty in the small, all the big becomes is a communal dance of beauty. The universe as expansive as it is, exists because of innumerable tiny little atoms dancing in patterns creating the worlds. Daniel Rowe 24/8/10 Our earth is populated mostly by human beings wanting to connect with each other and to help and live harmoniously but is run by a small group of lost souls keeping us apart from our brothers and sisters for profit and control... nothing you have been taught is real, test every theory, find your own truth. You know you have found it when your heart dances. This is truth Daniel Rowe 26/09/2010 Brave soldiers of the world.. did you know that if you ALL agree to lower your guns, you've thus solved the problem you thought you were fighting for? Daniel Rowe 28/09/2010

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