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CrownWorld is one of the market-leading luxury real estate brands in the Cayman Islands, specialising in the acquisition of prime residential building plots and the delivery of turnkey design and build solutions. Why Should I Buy Land? “Why Should I Buy Land ”is a question our team at CrownWorld get asked every day, so we thought it worthwhile to have a closer look at some of the reasons in this week’s blog post. Land is tangible. It is a real physical asset that appreciates over time, proving a solid consistent hedge against inflation and not some imaginary financial instrument. Land is precious and the supply is finite. As Mark Twain succinctly put it. “Buy Land, they’re not making it anymore”. Land is a great foundation for wealth creation. Wealthy families worldwide have built their fortunes through land holdings-you don’t get rich from rental income, capital appreciation is the driver. Land ownership diversifies your investment portfolio. The days of securing your retirement by solely investing in the stock market are long gone. Recent changes in UK pension legislation acknowledge that considered diversification is the key to a comfortable old age. Land ownership is a low-cost stepping stone to real estate wealth. Enter the lucrative real estate market at a fraction of the cost rather than saving for large cash deposits required for full property ownership. Take further advantage of CrownWorld’s non–statuszero interest finance plan and international real estate investment becomes even more accessible with as little as a few thousand dollars upfront payment. Land Investment may not have been something you have seriously considered before, but the vast majority of Real Estate Funds now have more than half of their holdings in development land- and the reason is simple. As recessionary fears subside as real estate markets recover reflected in rising prices, it’s the land value proportion of the property that inflates, not the price of bricks! In short, land acquisition with full planning is where the smart money is going. Considerable capital appreciation potential but at a fraction of the investment cost. Want to learn more? To receive further details on our current land investment projects, and see how easily you can profit from the opportunity today, simply just email or contact us on +44 (0) 1565 740 740.

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