Caitlin Richmond


"I wasn't looking at his face...." -Jen "I used to steal crackers from Owens, and when I say used to, I mean yesterday" -Kara "Thats was the heels not the alcohol" "ist goot?" -Lindsey Caitlin: Do you ever feel like you just need to take a deep breath. Mina: Yeah like whenever you get out of the pool. Nick: Well you always have this reserve in your lungs and whenever you think you can't blow anymore, you can always blow a little more. Mina: That's what she said. Mina: Caitlin why don't you type it. Caitlin: I can't. I have this huge thing in my lap. (Nick was sitting in Caitlin's lap) Mina: Thats what she said. Mina: " I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THAT WALL!" Lissa: I was titillating you last night" I had a piece of carefree sugar-less gum....and i WAS STILL NEVER KICKED IN...i took it back to the store and said BULLshit

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