Courtney Wilson


"its a crazy crazy world dat we live in...but ima crazy crazy girl wit sum thick skin...and if i love yu ill save yu from the deep end...but if i dnt adios maybe we'll meet again...!" "You is a multi.. task.. yous a multitasktical mothafcka." "..forreal doe" "get off meee" "be you-- you do it so well." "i want A boyfriend .. just not MY boyfriend." "now yall know, i dont eff with her!" "what was said??" "Baby if we aint on the same page why is you talkin 2 me???" "maybe she still wana be in your book, but just can't find the right chapter...." "i went to her house &got dat bit pregNANNT!!" "tell me why my heart drops when i see you," "he don't respect you."

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