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[US History, 5th block... Ghetto as helllll.] Ms. Meyer: "There's 500,000 people in District 214!" Ms. Meyer: "You guys don't have ANY balls." Ms. Meyer [to Dan Bennett] "Dan! What's the greatest, most-USEFUL invention ever?" Dan: "Anarchy!" Mrs. Meyer: "That's not really what I had in mind..." Dan: "Ok... TACOS!" __ Mrs. Bobula: "Shut up." "How are you doing today, Lucifer?" "I'm going to cut your fingers off." "Would you like to live until Christmas?" __ Juan: "Hey, man, you got a quarter, man?" Everyone at the table: "NO JUAN. LEAVE. GET AWAY. I DON'T LIKE YOU. LEAVE. NOW." [In the pizza line at lunch] Maggie [to Juan]: "Hey Juan! What'd you get for Christmas?" Juan: "I got an iPhone, man." Maggie: "Really? What apps did you get?" Juan: "....." Maggie: "...What service do you have?" Juan: ".........." [Juan walks away.] __ Backpack Kid: "Your friend there likes me, now doesn't she?" __ [Handicapped Girl speeds by] Me: "VROOM VROOM MUTHAFUCKASSSS!" __ [Getting my lunch in the cafeteria] Me to Mexican lunch lady: "Can I get a bag of Salsitas & a Butterfinger?" [Mexican lunch lady points to Goldfish] Me: "No... Salsitas. SALSITAS. And a BUTTERFINGER." [Mexican lunch lady *then* points to a Cosmic Brownie] Me: "Jesus Christ. Forget it." [I walk out...] [Mexican lady stares...] [At lunch] Ben Beiers: "Piccolo... You's one crazy motherfucker."

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