Courtney Misich


"Mom what size cup do you want? Big cup, Small Cup, Blue Cup?"-Katelyn "In your pants"-C Lunch 09/10 "You got to risk it for the biscuit"- Fired Up! "I was playing a game of life and I had like three cars of kids. I just can't say no"-Sara. "Sara CONDOMS!!!"-Courtney "Wake up and smell the bodies"-Mr. Speros "You werent trying to get off with her were you?"- Garthet Office UK "If its bigger than the Hoover Dam. Why aren't the Megatrons buried there?"-Kevin "Grand Coulee Dam is where they buried the transformers from transformers 3"-Mr.Speros Melissa: Courtney have you eaten any puppy Chow? Courtney: no i can't move. Melissa: i can move it to your face Its Fetch not Fetish..... Got to love Nikki Sasha knows her way around fire and a stick-Melissa Gear I almost hit a possum. I saw it running across the road and was like ahh its naked- SASHA FIERCE Gosh Tess, commas are very important. It's a very pressing issues in today's society-ME Big Chunk you drunk-ahhh geology It's a shy little wine like a gazelle. like a leprechaun- Brideshead Revisited Brick where did you get a hand grenade-Anchorman Hahah fact. Edward is just a selfish whore that prays on little girls. Now cedric, there's a real man. -Sarah T. (AWESOME) "All I can think about are dirty pirate hookers, why are they pirates? How do you become a pirate hooker? IS there an interview process? And what makes them dirty? Do they not shower?- Anna Bethlahmy. i think the combination of a whore and hobo would be a prostitute.- Amelia Wester

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