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" Anything you do not give abundantly and freely, will become lost to you."- Annie Dillard "The wheel turns slow, but it grins real fine"- Dr.R. Brockett "He who bleeds with me,shall be my brother"-Anthony B. "God works in so many ways. At first I doubted his greatness but now I no! He brought me out the fire and cleaned my mind! Today of all days I find that the sun shines on me and my heart is strong as it can be!"-Talibah Saboor NO weapons formed against me shall prosper, lean on his word, no weapons formed against me shall prosper it won't work, because I KNOw GOD will do what he said he will do, he will stand by his word he will come through. I Won't be afraid of the arrows by day from the hands of my enemies.- Fred Hammond

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