Shelly Chu


"You're 19?! You're only a child!" said by a 5 year old ALPHA KENNY BODY(read it quickly) it's all a plot, you raving lesbian LOL love of my life DANIELS: 'BRITNEY IS MY ROCK AND LIFE' Kayleigh: 'So you're Chinesian/HongKongian then?' 'The Chinese is here! Oh wait it's just Shelly...' Jess and Tom 'You need a man for every occasion just like shoes' 'Baby, baby, baby, ooooh' A bit of Bieber BIEBER FEVERRRRR 'That's what she said' international saying KEEP YOUR OUTSIDE VOICE, OUTSIDE! What's your game? NOMNOMNOM Tom Osman: ' You're from Hong kong, you must be HongKonganese!' dutty racist Lecturer"What food do you not like?" Tom"Quiche." Lecturer"Why Tom?" Tom "Because it's pretentious." Tom: 'Fucking oxygen thief' Suki "Don't be fancy with me Shelly." "You're a city girl, I'm a city girl, we get each other." "Blad, Bladrin..."

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