Churee Böjen-Giles


"can i keep you?" "Life isn't about finding yourself...'s about creating yourself" ..."i do my thing & you do your thing i am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not here to live up to mine you are you and i am i and if by chance we find each other... it's beautiful" "i want to be your favourite hello && your hardest goodbye" "GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF ME, YOU DIRTY APE!" "i don't wanna :[" "but it wasn't a was a rock LOBSTER." "that's wicked." "WICKED! WICKED! JUNGLE IS MASSIIIIVE!" "Haven't you heard?" "Heard about what?" "About the word." "What word?" "EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT THE BIRD!! B-B-B-BIRD BIRD BIRD! BIRD IS THE WORD!!" "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??!" "No. Just out of bullets." "I love you." "...........YAAAAY FOR CHUREE & BJORN!" "....D-,:" "You live for everyone, but only die for one." "I don't know what it is.....BUT I WANT TO POSE ON IT." "You billy bear!" ♥

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