Christina Dabit


*Taking responsibility is learning how life can go on~~ -Some people are only alive Because its illegal to kill them! -...Because Smiling Is The Best Thing I'm Good At (; -Say "I Love You" -When You Have Eliminated The Impossible ,Whatever Remains , However Improbable ... Must Be The Truth (: Keep Smiling (: .. No one knows who is in love with your smile ;) - Do You Need A reason ?? .. I dont Know why do they kill people , But As for Saving Them , Logical mind isnt needed ,right ? (= - If There Was Only One Umbrella In This World , I'll Find It And Hand It to you .. Because Becoming Wet is Nothing At All :') -Girl : "You cant use force to open someone's Heart" Boy : You're right.Though You might be able to get any guy you want just By Breathing air to him" - ...But when i met your gaze .. I was under your spell - Just Believe <3

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