Christy Argo


"ton i i ighhh ighhht we. are. youhunggg!" - you know what this means. "I'd rather be boring than stupid." - Katie "What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness." –Leo Tolstoy "Have you ever wanted someone so much it hurts. Your lips keep trying to speak, but you just can't find the words." - We Owned The Night "okay, let's face it. i'm a lean, mean, hugging machine" -danny tanner "You know I still keep my hand in the community. 'But Jackle keeps it real.'" "WILL YOU MARRY ME KAREN!?" "A devastating blow! A worthy opponent....." "HOLLLAAA!!!!!! hola." Better ingredients. Better pizza. Papa Johns. To the world, you may be one person. To one person, you may be the world. When you find everything you looked for, I hope your life will lead you back to my door... Oh, but if it don't, Stay Beautiful. - Taylor Swift Once you encounter the love of God you will never be the same again. "Ahhhhh, look at all the star!" -Ameee "A man can love a million girls, but it takes a real man to love one girl a million ways."- Anonymous "My Savior, he can move the mountains..." "ba da ba ba ba! MCDIEGO!" - emily adele "Buuhhd whad about bgullies?" - swimming pool dimples

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