Christine Vich Zoey


True Relationship is not leavin' behind special people when U find Some new..its all 'bou preservin' dried Rose between pages inspite being gifted a Rose..<3 <3 <3--- Z0€¥ ;-* " FiR$T i wa$ d¥in' 2 fiNi$h hiGh $cHoOL N $tArt CoLL€g€. ANd t€N i wa$ d¥in' 2 fiNi$H coLL€g€ N $taRT woRkiN'. AnD t€n i wA$ d¥in' 2 maRR¥ N aV cHiLdR€N. N t€n i wa$ d¥in' 4 m¥ cHiLdr€n 2 Gr0w 0Ld €nUF f0 $choOL $o i cuD g0 2 w0rK. N t€n i wa$ d¥in' 2 r€Tir€. N n0w, i M D¥ING.. n $udD€nL¥ i r€aLiz€d i 4g0T 2 Liv€"=>>An0NYm0uS---<3 <3

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