Christhoper Ples


***PADA SEMUA YANG AZALI DIJADIKAN KEPADA HAMBA TUHAN YANG BERGELAR MANUSIA DAN BUKAN HAMBA TUHAN YANG BERGELAR ORANG.... No separation of the most heartbreaking ... but without consent. But why should diratap to go ..... because what we have in this world are temporary. Off and that is eternity in the Hereafter ... >>> food is not that important to live ... but the food is necessary to continue living .. ( not live to eat ... but eat to live ) >>> There is nothing human in this world should be proud of .... unless a human is actually owned the real truth of God and they enslave themselves to Him .... >>>Do not make every breath we breathe is calculated by sin as evil gossip say or others. This is because we ourselves are certainly not the best man in the sight of human beings from God ....

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