Chris McGivern


- "i'm like the fly Malcolm any jeans neccessary" Kanye West "Sisters get respect, Bitches get what they deserve, Sisters work hard, Bitches work your nerves, Sisters hold you down, Bitches hold you up, Sisters help you progress, Bitches'll slow you up, Sisters cook up a meal play they role with the kidz, Bitches in the street with they nose in ya biz, Sisters tell the truth, Bitches tell lies, Sisters drive cars, Bitches wanna ride Sisters give up the ass, Bitches give up the ass Sisters do it slow, Bitches do it fast Sisters do they dirt outside of where they live, Bitches have niggas all up in your crib, Sisters tell you quick you betta check ya homie, Bitches don't give a fuck they wanna check for ya homie, Sisters love Jay cause they know how hov is I LOVE MY SISTERS I DON'T LOVE NO BITCH" Jay-Z

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