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"I know you're out there...I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of us, you're afraid of change...I don't know the future...I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end, I came here to tell you how this is going to begin. Now, I'm going to hang up this phone, and I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without you...a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world...where anything is possible. Where we go from a choice I leave to you..." "Whatever happens, happens for a reason. And couldn't have happened any other way." Days of Their Lives Article published by HuyBros./DoubleHuy(HB/DH) Productions Written by Chris "Huy" Le and Huy Tran Chris: So how's Nancy. Huy: Nancy? She's good... Huy: Wait...who's Nancy? Chris: ex-wife? The one that left me financially broke? Huy: Right, right. Chris: Oh, and I heard what you had to say today(sorry for making you pay for lunch!) and I think you should be re-considered for the job. Chris: Cause y'know... You should be happy. Huy: ...? Chris: That Dorran hasn't taken your place that is. Huy: Dorran?? HIM? taking MY place.. impossible.. Chris: Well he IS my second assistant for my second job. Managing two companies at once isn't easy. Huy: Ohhh. didn't he hire your brother alan hm? Chris: But then again....Mimi IS my boss.... Huy: MIMI? what the heck are you talking about? are you saying that MIMI is of HIGHER CLASS THAN ME? Chris: You didn't know? She's the follow up to the company. Almost like the princess. Huy: =.=" when did this happen? Chris: you remember August 1st? Huy: hah? Chris: Come on man. Don't tell me you forgot. Chris: August 1st? Doesn't ring one tiny bell at all? Wow. Shame on you. Huy: no it does..not.... Chris: Well anyways, yeah. Me Mimi and Dorran all got together that day and had a little chat. Thats when it all became clear........well you know the rest. Huy: ... i see you did some secret planning without me eh? SHAME ON YOU i should quit. but i have no other job... Chris: Well you should know, you were there that day too. Huy: where? Chris: You know, its only August 4th. August 1st should really make you remember a certain person.........hispanic... Huy: jose? Chris: Geez man, are you wasted 24/7 ? Do you remember ANYTHING? Chris: Yes Jose. Huy: i have really bad memory X_X Because any other date would have not sufficed, seeing that suspicion would arise and we would be caught. I understand Jose only wants to do good, resulting to vigilante acts for his beliefs. But he cannot know. Do you understand the mission briefing? Huy: =.='' Chris: Dangit man. Huy: LOL Chris: Read it over again and use a dictionary. Huy: ok chris: Now do you understand the mission briefing? Huy: kinda to keep jose out of this? Chris: >.> correct my young padawan. Huy

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