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"i refuse" -me @ eurodisney.. long story.. "bang it Lia!" -ash campbell "im too much for myself" -ash campbell "shoulda woulda coulda didint wont" -ash campbell "i'd rather slit my cheeks" -katie windt "i only laugh WEEKLY" -ash campbell "10 things i love about Ricky Lipdick.. I love it when Janey walks, I love it when Janey talks. I love it when Janey drinks, I love it when Janey blinks. I love it when Janey says HI! I love it when Janey says..SEE YOU IN ENGLISH!!! I love following Janey to the mall, and i love...collecting strands of Janeys hair...and rolling them..into little Janey...ha..hai..hairballs.." -not another teen movie (katie windt) "I like them, I like them! I liked them first! Before I even met them I liked them! As soon as I met them I liked them right away! You hate them compared to how much I like them! Oh shut up, you're so annoying!" -madagascar "What if Mr. Alex is even worse then the Foosa? I'm tellin' you, that dude just gives me the heebiedabajeebies! Maurice, you did not raise your hand. Therefore, your heinous comment will be stricken from the record. Does anyone else have the heebie-jeebies for Mr. Alex? No? Good. So shut up." -madagascar " spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig does. can he swing, from a web? no he cant, cause he's a pig. look out! he is spiderpig!" -the simpsons "guys, did you know that 'NUF' is the opposite of fun!" -ally mars "whatever, im saving my bum for marriage!!" - ash campbell ash: do you have a brother? gareth: ya, but hes like 40, you wouldnt know him ash: is his name nick? gareth: NICK CRANKSHAW!!!! "so do you think if i have a car accident i will bleed to death because i have a lot of vinigar with my nandos?" - ash campbell ash: would you still love me if i put on 15kgs? julian: ya, because then you would lok normal " i will put your face in the fire!" - katie windt

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