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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is greatest accomplishment." --Ralph Waldo Emerson "Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it." - American History X "You're just left with yourself all the time, whatever you do anyway. You've got to get down to your own God in your own temple. It's all down to you, mate. - John Lennon Idealists get screwed by life more often than cynics but we are also the ones who just sometimes do genuinely live happily ever after. "To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die." - The Smiths When you’re a teenager and in your early twenties it seems desperately eternal and excruciatingly painful. Whereas as you grow older you realise that most things are excruciatingly painful and that is the human condition. Most of us continue to survive because we’re convinced that somewhere along the line, with grit and determination and perseverance, we will end up in some magical union with somebody. It’s a fallacy, of course, but it’s a form of religion. You have to believe. There is a light that never goes out and it’s called hope. - Morrisey Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful, or joyful.

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