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"It makes me feel disappointed when people don't understand that life is not about appearance, it's about existence." --- Kirsten Budelier "you know what would be nice, if the night would extend until you were fully rested, so if you had to get up in two hours and were just going to bed, you'd still get to sleep for a full sleep" "lol the number one was lame though. it was a parasitic worm... what the crap. i want real animals." "i'm so glad that i have teeth! and it's crazy how long we have them for. and they put up with so much, and still stay in our heads, and are usable. crazinessss." "gravy is especially good on tuesdays. that's my day of preference." "I should see that movie. I really like Robert Downey Jr and Zach Snuffaluffagus or whatever his name is." ---billy (katelyn venneri) "is this what it's like to be a ginger??" ---Emily Giancola "There is this guy named ben, I don't like him. you aren't him though.." "Obama isn't my cup of tea.. but I'd throw him off a boat." ---Kevin Turner "reading boring things is boring and i don't like it and i shouldnt have to do it" ---Ashley James "Don't give me the credit for what God is doing through our music in your life." ---Jake Luhrs, vocalist for August Burns Red "gingers are like 1800s women. you arent suppose to be doing that stuff" ---jennie frey "do you ever go on someones facebook, get side tracked, and forget who you're stalking?" "Batman is a Saturday outfit. It says 'THE WEEKENDS HERE. LET'S ROLL'" ---bethany white "there's only two times when we can praise God. when we feel like it, and when we don't feel like it." ---lance hurst

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