Michelle Udan


-you find who your friends are,not in the good times,but when you've hit rock bottom,some will run as if your contagious,see who stays to hold your hand. -Character,integrity,trust and friendship,Some people need to look those up and find the real meaning. -A real friends never forgets about you,or leaves you out.They care for you and defend you no matter what.That's a true friend. -It's sad when a close friend treats you different,because they gained new friends. -Judging someone are easy when the choice was not yours to make, conclusions are easy to jump, especially when there is someone pushing your mind to be closed off with the reality of your feelings... -If people talk negatively about you, live in such a way that no one will believe them. -Sometimes the best way to be strong is to admit that your weak..that you cant do everything on your own..when your experiencing pain,dont ignore your feelings,remind yourself that it's ok to cry and lift your concerns to God..Coz once the storms has passed,You'll naturally emerge as a stronger and better person...

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