Charlotte Grey


"life and everything in it is not on my time table but on God's timetable" "if you keep one foot on yesterday and one foot on tomorrow you will pi_ _ all over today" "don't check your Christianity at the door when you go to work" "treat everyone as you want and expect to be treated" "when you give, do NOT worry if they bought food or a six pack of beer, give because you want to, what a person does with your gift is up to them, give and pray for them, but do not give with stipulations" "do not judge and throw stones when you live in a glass house" "do not without forgiveness, if you choose to withhold forgiveness remember God will not forgive you and the only person you really hurt by not forgiving is yourself" GOD will tear down the things that stand in HIS way in order to get to HIS children. So if something is going on in our lives that is keeping JESUS out of our lives, what ever that may be the LORD will tear it down so that HE can get to HIS children. HE is just like a loving and caring parent, what things have we tord down to get to our kids?

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