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You dont have to advertise your intelligence because it shines on its own. There is no such thing called a bitch. Only Diva Syndrome. You travel the world. You are in the hotel room ALONE. You travel to the next country on a crowded airplane. A lot of ppl around you. But basically, alone. Thats how a lot of girls get in trouble. Keep strong connection with the ppl who will be there for you whethere you win or lose. Go home and cry to your mama, show the world your happy face. When i see you in the bad condition i will think" what happened" , but the world see you they will just go to the next person. LEAVE YOUR PROBLEM OUT Everybody talks about everybody. Thats what makes beauty so interesting And i see your true colours shining through. - Cyndi Lauper _I beautifully decorate my hair and my nails. Just like they were treasures. So why are they simply cut from my body? Only to become dirty and eerie things? The answer is simple. Because those are all Nothing more than our own DEAD form Everyone of us is dead by birth. The end is always there,before the beginning. If to live is to becomoe familiar with things, then the absolute last thing we come to know is the end. At long last discoveringthose final moments and knowing them completely, is indeed death. We must not try to become familiar with things bc those who cannot trancend death must not try to become familiar with anythiing. [215.03] _ There is no coincidence in this world. Everything is inevitable right. _Decisions should not be too clear. Otherwise, when things go wrong you will have to take the blame. Keep it vague. _Heaven and Earth are not humane, they regard all things as straw dogs. _One must consider most carefully, before frowning or laughing. _Bewarea dagger hidden in a smile. _Gossip flies and spreads far. _Hurting others will hurt oneself. _Honor your father and mother. Be noble in your work. Be loyal and honest to your friends. Never, and nowhere can these laws be broken. _If you are tru you will know it. For all the good people in your village will like you, and all the bad ones will hate you. _True friendship is clear like water. False friendship is sweet,like honey. _A great man is hard on himself. A small man is hard on others. I have seen people dorwn and burn, but i have never seen anyone harmed by doing what is right. _Critism and judgment draw misery upon oneself. _A tiger does not take insults from sheep. _How sad it is to find no one of like mind. "It is rare that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman." -Alexandre Dumas _Nhẫn nhục không phải là kìm nén mà là sự chấp nhận và biết mỉm cười với những thứ đang xảy ra xung quanh mình. _Arguing with a fool proves there are two.

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