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"Do you like pictures if jews?"-Michelle "Cougar! RAWR!!!!"-Me and Maddie <3 "In the morning I sound like man!"-Michelle "Thats a common problem. . . FOR MEN!"-Moi :D "Im' exposed!!!!!!"-Kristinaaaaaa :) "Naked!"- Many, many, people :D "Michelle how can you not finish that?! You ate the first half wicked fast!" -Maddie "I was eating faster so I could finish before I ran out of room!" -Michelle :D "Recessive Asian Genes"-Everyone (Moi) "Compwete the heawt!"-Ryan & Andrew "No!" -Analee "COMPLETE THE GOD DAMN HEART!!!!"-Ryan & Andrew "I wov you!"-Ryan & Andrew "CT? Oh! Kentucky!"-Kristina "Try connecticut"-Morgan "Is this rubber?"-Kristina HAHAHAHAHAHA! "I want to be asian! Carson should give me asian lessons!" -Alexandra LeaverCHANG :) "OMG you were right!"-Molly "REALLY?! He superglues it to his head?!" -Michelle "No there's chicken nuggets today!" - Molly "I still have your underwear." "Well I still have your virginity!" - Juno "How did your leg get there?!"-CARLY CAMPBELL "Carly, when I'm with you I feel. . . " Alexandra <3 "Youre a needle girl in a hay stack world"- Switchfoot 'Needle and Haystack Life' "Wait whos taping whos ********* to his forehead. . . ?" -Tina! (You had to be there :D) "Carson if you say lol ONE MORE TIME. . . ." -Michelle :) "YES! I am passing the crap stick onto you!" -Alexandra

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