Earlier today at the new Tag Heuer headquarters in Neuchatel, the "hydro-mechanical horologists" announced that concept watchmaker Dominique Renaud (the "R" in APRP) would join the team as head of the Fine Watchmaking department - presumably an arm of the company involved in items such as the Tag Heuer watch and what is meant to come next.In case you're wondering who on earth Dominique Renaud is, his last name should ring a bell. A graduate of the National Watchmaking School of Besan?on back in the 1970's, Dominique went on to work as a watchmaker at Audemars Piguet. While working at their skeleton workshop, he met another talented watchmaker by the name of Giulio Papi. Both having a thirst for working with complications, they decided to leave Audemars Piguet and set up their own manufacture, Renaud et Papi. With a mission to come up with totally new complications and build on existing ones (this was back in 1989), it didn't take long for their former employer to take interest in their work. In 1992, Audemars Piguet acquired a majority stake in their manufacture. About a decade later, Dominique decided to sell his shares of the company to Audemars Piguet and leave the company. Some of the groundbreaking pieces Dominique and Giulio came up with during their time together include the A. Lange & S?hne Fusée Tourbillon, the Jaeger LeCoultre Micro-Repetition Minute and the IWC Grandes Complications, to name a few. According to Dominique Renaud, there are three distinct phases in the world of watchmaking: first came mechanical watches over 500 years ago, then came the quartz era a few decades ago. Now he believes, the future lies in hydro-mechanical horology. In his eyes, the concept goes far beyond just a novel method of displaying the hours. Keeping in mind that Tag Heuer has a 5-year R&D program, you can bet on the fact that Tag Heuer won't be just a one-hit-wonder (no pun intended). Dominique will lead the brand’s Fine Watchmaking department and Special Projects, as well as build a team of Tag Heuer watchmakers capable of bringing future to fruition. Tag Heuer will continue to collaborate with its current two movement suppliers (for the more traditional liquid-less parts of the movement) Chronode and Renaud et Papi. Essentially, Dominique's role will be to ensure that Tag Heuer is able to continue innovating and coming up with new iterations of their proprietary hydro-mechanical movement. We can certainly look forward to other complications besides the trademark liquid retrograde hours.Tag Heuer CEO Vincent Perriard also took the occasion to update the press on HYT's growth and development as a brand. For strategic reasons, the board decided to split the company into two distinct entities: Tag Heuer the watch brand, and Preciflex the micro-fluid developer.please

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