Carolyn Chow


carolyn: i know exactly what i want for a present xenia: what is it? carolyn: a silicon suit sarah: habibi...HABIBIIIIIIIIIII sarah&carolyn: its love in a bucket...its bucket love mingming: i have a pimple! i named it! cody!! xenia: you guys are my sexy beasts..NOW CRAWL FOR IT BITCHES sarah&carolyn: witha you witha you witha youuu-christ brown kiah: (bitching during soccer) shes such a bitch she cant even catch a ball properly. her and her stupid gloves annemarie: hey there sex buddy katie: THE BOATS COMING THE BOATS COMING!! carolyn: WE'RE STRANDED carolyn: you know im in a movie brittany: woah really? katie: yup she really is brittany: what is it asians on ice? ryan: TEMPERATURE LIFE GO nikhil: WHAT TIME IS IT NOW???? carolyn&bobby: uhhh 9:27? nikhil: OOHHH SO CLOSE GUESS AGAIN carolyn&bobby: 9:28? nikhil: YOU ARE CORRECT HERE IS YOUR PRIZE...A LEAF!! sarah: FEARLESS alicia: ALEJANDRO AND SUPERMAN FOREVERRR alicia&josh&carolyn: lets call him...SLINKY! carolyn: its not fair we always pend mingming: I KNOW. skype is jsut jealous of our relationship that we cant be together. nicki: just tell me! we sleep with the bugs together!

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