My style is very lais ... the truth I do not follow fashion, I do fashion, I do not care what people say about me if I'm happy I like ami .... I wear dresses, skirts, floral, basic, tight jeans, legins, husks, grasshoppers, boots, etc. With my physical I'm very careful, I have a daily routine to keep fit ... My hair is fairly long, but very bright, undulating and well kept. My nails of both hands and toes, are always very well maintained, cuts, Liman, matched, clean and painted ... My face ... I have good honey eyes, and very red lips naturally, I'm not much makeup because it ruins the skin, I'm always natural masks, scrubs and natural clay ... masks are roses, or yogurt and oatmeal scrub or cucumber masks, etc ... and hair, eggs, limes, avocado, tomato, banana, oil, etc. (: I'm good for rabbits sar on this ... I am also interested in issues of nutrition is quite interesting and a lot of makeup, skin, nutrition, secrets to healthy weight loss, etc.. (:

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