Carlijne Brouwers


I am a fashion lover with also a great interest in sports. Therefore I'd like to call myself: a haute couture hooligan! I'm crazy about tennis: Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer and Fabio Fognini are my favourites. I also am a great football fan and my favourite teams are: PSV Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Real Madrid in Spain and Juventus in Italie. I'm also a fashion fanatic!! I love shoes, bags, dresses and everything that has to do with fashion! Because I am so passionate about these two loves of mine: sports and fashion, I decided to keep a weekly blog and since November 2012 I've been writing short stories about these two interests. The link to my blog is: Further more I am a romantic, I love to run and play tennis and of course going shopping with my girlfriends or just having a nice drink with them. I would also love to share with you some of my favourite quotes by some of my favourite fashion designers: "Distance to love is what the wind is to fire. If it's a small fire, the wind kills it. If it's a real fire, it will only entisify it." -Diane von Furstenberg- "La mode est dans l'air, c'est le vent qui l'apporte, on la pressent, on la respire, elle est au ciel et sur le macadam, elle tient aux idées, aux mœurs, aux événements." -Coco Chanel- "Les modes passent, le style est éternel, la mode est futile, le style pas." -Yves Saint Laurent-

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