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" See the beauty in each day, Join in, Sing now, We all have our little dreams. Slow down, make tea. It's as simple as it seems." - John Kavanagh "If you find yourself, catch yourself" - Courtney Taylor-Taylor "I get more idealistic as I get older, though it’s supposed to be the other way around. I hate it when people say someone’s an idealist, and mean it’s a bad thing. I believe in the perfectability of man and the triumph of good over evil and if you don’t – well, fuck you." - John Kavanagh "We also stand at the brink of worldwide ecological and civilizational collapse. We face a reckoning from the treacherous breach in our relationship with nature. We've been acting like a rock star trashing a hotel room, and it's the morning after. But this hotel is planet Earth." - Kenny Ausubel, The Huffington Post "The war on Terror is a war on Peace" - Michael Franti "The kind words you share with people are heard. Even when you feel they may have been wasted. Your helpfulness is noticed and is one of the tiny yet strong threads that binds strangers and friends alike. You do affect other people even if you choose to be blind to it. Make your choices and your attitude today count in the lives of others." - Dave Smith

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