Kristen Nowak


~~~ "the only sure thing about luck is that it will change" -- Unknown ~~~~~ '...pain in slow motion, like trees that reach for the sun, internally bleeding, cold-blooded, stripped of emotion, i go thru the motions but there's no LIFE IN MY EYES-- it's like i'm hooked up to a respirator, waitin' to die-- hooked up to the fuckin' chair, waitin' to fry.... burning in confusion - i'm losing my sight.... dyin' on the inside, internally bleeding... watchin' my world crumble in front of me, searching for meaning.... DEATH IS ANOTHER PART OF LIFE!!!' ---Immortal Technique ~~~~~~~~ 'the show trial became Stalin's favorite method to humiliate and destroy those around him...[his] use of deceit, lies, and conspiracy as the basic tools of governing led him to ASSUME that all those around him worked in the same pattern....his own duplicity convinced him that others were equally duplicitous. In Stalin's warped mind, it seemed only natural that those who APPEARED most loyal were in fact the most treacherous...' --Hitchcock, 'The Struggle for Europe' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ..."[the Nazis] were the first who were able to turn human beings into instruments wholly responsive to their will -- even when told to lie down in their OWN graves and be shot...which by contrast casts a benign light on old-fashioned slavery even at its most barbaric: this blood-fresh concept was based on the simple but absolute EXPENDABILITY of human life...'what's O-Owshwitch?', said Morris Fink." -Styron ('Sophie's Choice')

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