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The Calendar App Company has teamed up with some of your favourite people to transform their 2014 printed calendars into interactive downloadable apps straight onto your iphone and ipad. Launching in 2013, Calendar App Company have successfully taken the next step in the mobile and tablet revolution for the 2014 calendars. You can now download your favourite official Calendar App through the Apple iTunes store. We have some of your favourite models, pop stars, sports stars and bands to name but a few with new titles joining us every week. OFFICIAL CALENDAR APPS PACKED WITH FEATURES Being at the forefront of the digital marketplace means we have produced a fully interactive easy to use interface calendar compressed into an iphone and ipad application. With behind the scenes videos and a birthday messages, our official calendar apps gives you more than your ordinary printed calendar ever could. Our calendars also automatically sinc with the iphone or ipad units own calendar and Google calendars to assist. TAKE YOUR FAVOURITE OFFICIAL CALENDAR WITH YOU Take your favourite calendar with you wherever you are today, for as little as £1.99 and £2.99 for HD ipad versions. No need to wait until January 1st 2014 as the app is ready to use the moment you have downloaded it. With an automatic sincing option you can download more than one calendar app and use whichever one suits you at the time.

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