Cameron Gallagher


"The Grass is Green...Then it DIED...Now its Yellow" --Brandon Rusch "What's between my legs.....nothing" --John Mengalkamp "If she was a president...her name would be Babraham Lincoln" --Garth-Wayne's World "Well, we can't all come and go by BUBBLE!!!" --Elphaba-Wicked "Ohhhhh FUNKYBUTTLOVIN" --doctor from Rookie of The Year "That's Uncontionable" --Dr. Taylor "Shut-Up Stupid" --My Dad...towards me "Avatar...It's like my life" --Claire "If I were you...i would wait until i was home..." --Zeke " i UNUSUAL" --Clair Ciara- "Karessa thinks out side of the box" Brandon- "that's because she is locked out"

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