Marie Emily Aedo


She’s gonna pack her bags She’s gonna find her way She’s gonna get right out of this She don’t want New York She don’t want L.A. She’s gonna find that special kiss She don’t want no sleep She don’t want no high Oh, like peaches ‘n’ cream She’s gonna wish on stars and touch the sky Ah, you know what I mean She wants a good time No need to rewind She needs to really really find what she wants She lands on both feet Won’t take a back seat There’s a brave new girl And she’s comin’ out tonight She’s gonna step outside Uncover her eyes Who knew she could feel so alive Her M.O.’s changed She don’t wanna behave Ain’t it good to be a brave girl tonight Tonight, it’s alright A brave girl tonight So she met this man He was kinda rough He said, girl, whatcha lookin’ for She said, I don’t know I go with the flow He said, let’s get on the floor He said, you look real cute with your low ride jeans And your pink little baby tee Let’s get a room, girl Come and ride with me (by:Britney "brand new girl") <3

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