Hey Yah! Thank you for visiting my girly online open diary. My name is Cehl Chiong Datugan, I'm a 30+ something :) A wifey of a very handsome men name Robert :) a mom of 1 boy, name Kehan I'm Pinay, living here in Macau A very typical lady who LOVES to eat, sleep, shop and laugh. I ♥ make up, bags shoes etc everything girly LOL!.. I am Kikay :) I ♥ PINK I ♥ watching movies, I ♥ cute & simple things, I ♥ photography,... taking snaps of everything is my stress reliever. I work at day and a blogger by night. I love to share beautiful things to everyone. For Collaborations/Sponsorship my email is [email protected] xoxo ♥♥♥ Cehl

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