Alecia Banuelos


"Do what you do & do it well" "Hustle by any means necessary" "Never give up & never surrender" "Trust NO one, depend on NO one & fear NO man or bitch!" I am strongly influenced & inspired by people who start out with nothing & yet fight their way to achieving EVERYTHING! The people who have the worst luck possible, felt the most unbearable pain & sorrow, have been to hell & back, hit rock bottom & yet have scratched their way back to the top & are now standing on their own two feet!! The people who get EVERY DOLLAR, hustle by any means necessary, are hard core go getters, bread winners, high achievers, dream weavers, goal setters & getters, driven, determined, unstoppable, unbreakable....& shine through EVERY dark corner of doubt & step over EVERY HATER to be who they wanna be & live their dreams!!

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