Sophie Brown


He is DEEPLY INSECURE!" "if you find someone to love the you YOU love, well that's just fabulous." Carrie With every passing moment comes the chance to start again" sophia Glen: I haven't got a penny to my name Jill Jill: Well p'raps you'd find the common decency to mug someone "A minute on the lips is a lifetime on the nose!"- the legend, RACHELLLL "Who the fuck is sarah?!" me- "rack off!" HALLIDAY "Shes an animal Anthonyyy!!!" "Heres ur mates tooth!"-random boy on random night! "Chinski!" "Actually punch her! "Its Britney bitch!" love it ashton "Youre really hot! Am Not I know ur not but i love you anyway!" "Id like some fun, it cant be alcoholic so id like it to be sexual" - bridgewater "I like to lie with my head down" chipangura "This one time I pissed on my front lawn...."-charlotte gannon "Ahh do me a favour, dont stick your tongue down my throat" Gascgoine '08

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