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Tiffany: I may be dumb, but I sure am smart! Me: What? '"Don't act like we haven't drank on a sunday before!"-me Angel: "I he's a asshole!!" Ashley: "Stop Bashing Him!" Me: "Well, Angel always bashes my asshole!" Angel: "That's what she said!" *I'm eating a subway sandwich* Angel: " OMG!.. It's soo Big!" Me: "That's what she said!" "You're projecting! Your're projecting!"- Wedding crashers "Did You motor boat em?... You Motor Boating son of a bitch!!"- wedding crashers "meatloaf!....fuck!.... I never know what ....she's doing back there!"-wedding crashers "You and me baby..... An Italian Chocolate Delight" "If I were a cat.... I'd be purring right now." "Cut it out Angel.. You're acting like a dog in heat!" "I don't practice santeria...."- cierra "You wanna go to gucci-land? Lets go to gucci-land."-cierra Some Guy at Ugly Tuna:"Your a spongebob" Me: "What's a spongebob?" Some Guy at Ugly Tuna: "A Square" "Cabbage to you!"-Some Guy at Brother's after I turned him "That's how the cookie crumbles.."-Some Guy at Ugly Tuna after I turned him

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