Bri Heu


"This is way better than skype." -David (5-26-10) "I put srircha in my ramen to remind me of you" -David "WHERE ARE THE CHIPS?!" - David and Bri . . at the same time. "These are nice. . . " -David "Like, oh my gosh, you're gonna get married!" -Alyssa Carlson "I want to find that special someone ...and then another special someone." Lisa Vang Bri: "I think I'm gonna just play it by ear..." Mary: "That could be a bad thing." Bri: "What?" Mary: "I don't know, it seems like that would be in a movie." "It says Shannon but it's a guy..." -Mitch answering my phone Me: "Tell me if Rihanna's going to be pretty!" Mitch: "I ALREADY KNOW SHE'S GONNA BE PRETTY!!!" "Bitch, I don't know your life!" - Amy Poehler in Baby Mama "God put mouths on our heads for a reason!!!" -Forgetting Sarah Marshall "I got a surprise for you!" -Forgetting Sarah Marshall "Swasian." -Bunny "Hands down, I'm too proud for love. But with eyes shut, it's you I'm thinking of." -Lykke Li "It was we were the cliche, but we carried on anyway." -Ben Folds "Those who judge don't matter. Those who matter don't judge." -Tonya Jackson "Indeed, I am a Georgia peach" -Some Georgia government guy (the governor?) "So, do you really have just one nut?" -Emily Soto (thinking Tyler's necklace said he only had one nut) (Me and Zak were talking about what our love child Tyler inherited from us) Zak: Where'd he get his shyness? Me: My vagina? "That ain't tactics, baby. It's just the beast in me. " -Vince (Elvis Presely in Jailhouse Rock) " hemroids hurt...ehhh" -me (while I was sleeping) "I'm gonna make you hurt so bad, soo bad" -Auntie Mayko "I ain't no wifey!" -me (as Juliet) "going at it" -Katrina "She's like my mom, I point to something and it's there" -me "that's what she said" -taylor warling Me: ew, it smells, Mitch, did you fart? Mitch: Yeah like 4 times but now I'm done. (playing hide-n-seek at school, finding him smelling icky) "Or you could go to Kohls and buy new ones that don't smell like old dead people" -Ms. Roter (on awesome shoes I wear in Mill Girls and where to get them besides a thrift store) "Oh, I didn't know asians wore PINK thongs." -Mitchie (on underwear and me) "I like to make dramatic pauses." -Mr. Peterson "You would have thoroughly pissed me off" -Mr. Peterson (talking to Tim Brown) "Dwight, you ignorant slut!" -Michael Scott (of the Office) "Our teacher is kind of a pervert." -Mitch Coutu (On Mr. Burton talking about Juliet in Romeo and Juliet) "Why would he buy the whole cow when he gets the milk for free?" -Ms. Roter (on marriage and her domestic partner) "Baby, it's almost morning, where were you?" -Juliet (me playing her)

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