Brie Holmes


"Baby.." "What?" "I'm sitting in the middle of the road." "Get out of the road!" "Baby..I dropped my cigar and I picked it up and I picked it up on the hot end and it burnt my finger." "That's not good." "And you turn by the stop sign..then you'll see me passed out in the road." "I stepped on Rudolph's nose!" "I think the yellow team is gonna win." -Me "Why?" -Haley "Because the yellow team is like the sun, and the green team is like the grass. The sun is higher than the grass, so the yellow team is gonna win." -Me Btw, the yellow team did win. ;D "This might be a little rough..." -Mom "Do not correct your 37 year old mother!" -Mom "I thought you were 36?" -Me "No..I'm 37. I think.." -Mom *I turn on Johnny Cash* "Why don't I just stop the car and get out and start beating myself in the head with a rock?!" -Mom *Brie and Cassidy start singing* "YOU KNOW THE WORDS!?" -Mom "Piss on you." -Me "Piss on who?" -Mom "You." -Me "Well that's not very nice... how would you like it if I pissed on you?" -Mom "I'd just call you a dog." -Me "No you wouldn't. You'd scream like a banshee." -Mom "Why don't you clean your eyes? -Whitney "I do not know..." -Me "Because you have tears." -Johnathan *after at least five minutes of silence, Gomez says from all the way across the room,* "Because you have tears!?" -Gomez "Listen to Brie! She's always right!" -Taylor "She said you were gay..." -Posey Hahaha. xD "You know you look like a freak spanking a naked baby doll in here, right?" -Mom to Robert. o.o "Whatever makes you sleep at night, dude." -Magan "Me and Brie got into a fight last week." -Andrew "Who won?" -Justin "She killed me. I had a broken arm for three days." -Andrew "Did you hack my Facebook?" -Magan "No?" -Brie "Well, usually when I leave it up, you hack it." -Magan "Put some teeth on!" "He ran up a friggin tree. I'm not spiderman!" -Justin, hahaha. "She calls me Mafan, and I call her B.R.U.E!" -Mafan. *Taylor's driving and hits a huge hole* "Oh mom, that reminds me, you need new tires." -Taylor

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