Brandi Sinclair


"Chad you forgot about our date again." "No I didn't. I would never forget! I was just hiding so you couldn't see me. I watched what you did to yourself Brandi." "What are you talking about?" "I watched what you did to yourself and it was awesome." -- Chad Wooten "if u wonder why most guys like u as much as they do its cus your pretty and your not tall, guys want something they can hold and look down at and be like she my precious woman lol. or some shit like that"-- Thomas White "Did I scare them? No they decide to go back in on there own. No shit you scared them"-- Sarah Carpenter "Avery: Im going to name my door Guess what its name is going to be Me: wat? Avery: Dumble BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Me: why? Avery: You'll catch on Me: i still dont get it Avery: Dumble.... DOOR Me: omg... Avery: ROFL"--Avery "I mean you're smart and cute so that basically does it Whoa never said that... Nope It's not on her fb"-- Wesley Newsome "OMG its a masked figure"--J.D. "Do you have directions?" "Directions?" "To you heart yes"-- Anthony "mmmm we'll finger something out haha hopefully..."--Wesley "Yes, it sucks when you accidently lick a butt hole And yes That HAS happend to me"--Avery Hackstedde "Me: Hey, it's my dad! Caitlin: Fuck my ass Me: *laughs* Caitlin: Where is he? Me: *still laughing* Caitlin: Is he here? Me: No, it was a joke. Caitlin: oh."--Caitlin Brunskille "That foo wants my cajones"--Me "I smell like a fruit bowl"--Kaleb Blaylock "Wesley: Peer pressure! Me: pure pleasure ahaha that rimed wtf haha i spelt that wrong"--Wesley N "Me: Jordin you have chocolate on ur face Caitlin: you were aiming for the wrong hole its not the ear or the nose its the mouth Me: That's what she said"--Caitlin B "Ashton: I got it in from the back"--Ashton (playing basketball) "*blankly stare at a guy driving by* Cynthia: Creeper... Brandi: Chimo! Caitlin: What's a chimo? Brandi: *bursts out laughing* Caitlin: I dont kno what a chimo is! Brandi: *after laughing really hard* its a child molester Caitlin: oh..."--Caitlin B "*one day while volunteering at the summer camp caitilin and i decided to play simon and says with a few of the kids...* Me: Simon says touch your nips. *the kids proceeded to touch their nipples without even asking where they were"-- Me "PSSSSS its a Penis!" (while pointing a stick at someone)-- Jordin (While killing a spider with a rock) "Yeah i got in the back!"-- Ashton "Girls only need one asshole in her life and thats on her body"-- Anni Devito "If someone converted a penis into a human it would look like Vin Deisel"-- Caitiln "Your'e face is glittery again. Did you catch craft herpies?" -- Carson Anderson Ashton: "I told grandma that your boytoy was gonna give me all his legos!" Me: "Well that's embarrasing... He's not my boytoy why do you call him that?" Ashton: "Because you play with him!" Me: "That is very true.."-- Ashton "I hope you do your breast... best i mean... biology."-- Cynthia Sinclair

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