Shari Robinson


"You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough." ~Mae West "I wouldn't say dumb, 'cause that's not nice, but I'd say he's kinda a little retarded..." ~Braedon "Hey Mommy, I think I'm a Democrack. What are you?" ~Braedon after voting in his school's mock election "I gave him a warning, Mommy, then I flicked him off" ~Braedon explaining why he got written up at daycare "A T-bone from a camel" ~Braedon telling me what he had for dinner at my grandparents' house "Well, there's your fact of the day!" ~Braedon after I said I didn't realize camel's had T-bone and that people actually ate them "I'm gettin' balls like daddy!" ~Braedon telling me how he's getting bigger arm muscles "You're a big help, Mommy...and I'm not just saying that sarcastically like Daddy does." ~Braedon after I helped him find his DSi games

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