Bino Sebastian


*Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you *Our Pride..Blue and White *I will continue Oh My God to do all my actions for the LOVE of YOU -Live Jesus In Our Hearts Forever *"SUCCESS is not about your GRADES.It's how bout you use your SKILLS" - Marvin Sebastian *"Keep Your eyes on the stars,but remember to keep Your feet on the ground" - Theodore Roosevelt *“Sometimes life is like knowing your best coffee; You must try different coffees first for you to know what you really want.” - Marvin Sebastian *"I will succeed!" *“Pride,Prejudice & Biases. Things you don’t need in making friends.” - Marvin Sebastian *"Labels affect.Nuff said." - Marvin Sebastian *"Don't be judgmental,everyone can change" - Marvin Sebastian *"Don't let anyone stop You." *Don't judge a person by his/her posts.Make conversation with them; then You decide.. - Marvin Sebastian *Don’t hate.Appreciate. If you can’t really stand it, just don’t give a shit. - Marvin Sebastian *Wise and Smart people are always knowing the details. - Marvin Sebastian *Always be grateful. Say Thank You - Marvin Sebastian *My key to a beautiful life is Respect and I'm not Insecure. - Marvin Sebastian *I know myself better than you do. So like me or hate me.It's all up to you. - Marvin Sebastian ... HAHA! K.

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